Network monitoring

Network Monitoring is the key part in maintaining any IT system is to know what is happening, at all times. This is why we have invested significantly in a network monitoring platform that allows us a 360 degree view of your network. With this software, we are able to monitor a devices Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to ensure that it is running effectively, should this not be the case then our service desk will be notified in as little as 90 seconds that something requires investigation.

What do we monitor?

We  monitor the following elements in our clients networks:

  • Servers – performance and hardware statistics
  • Switches – throughput and hardware statistics
  • Firewalls – throughput, hardware statisticsand security violations
  • Desktops & Laptops – performance and efficiency
  • Printers – consumable levels
  • NAS devices – performance, storage and hardware statistics
  • Mobile devices – security management

By monitoring your systems 24×7, 365 days a year, we are able to see crucial areas in the business systems which could be creating performance bottle necks that prevent you getting the most from your investment. A key component to protecting the investment is to ensure that it is available for the users when they need it. Our network monitoring system allows us to anticipate system issues, and resolve them, before they are able to affect your business.

This same information is used to predict where the business IT needs could be heading so that we can proactively plan your future requirements as your business grows.

Where now?

If you are interested in discussing our Network Monitoring Service further then contact us today or call 0115 710 0124 and speak to a member of the team