Network Cabling

Network Cabling

The backbone of any business system is the infrastructure which is typically made up of the network cabling, often referred to as data cabling. A solid, high quality cabling infrastructure can make or break any business system.

We work in partnership with experts in this field who employ their own qualified and very experienced engineers.  The are equipped with the the correct tools and test equipment to ensure that all of the work is not only installed but proven to be of the highest standard. Cabling is singularly the most underrated and neglected part of any network and yet can be the reason for the many problems endured by end users.

It is not an attractive piece of high specification equipment and very often has no apparent value to the people paying the bills, but a bad cabling system can cost thousands of pounds in lost man-hours and service for the end user.

Our copper network cabling solutions provide high speed pathways for data and voice transmission and come with full test results and a 25 year manufacturers warranty.

They are all correctly designed around the respective clients specific needs and include, cross connection points,trunking and containment and accommodation for switches and routers, and external service providers equipment (BT, Virgin, Cable and Wireless)

When Do You Need to Use Fibre Optical Cable?


  1. You need a data link exceeding 100 metres.
  2. There is a requirement for a very high capacity data link.
  3.  A number of wiring centres need to be connected together.
  4.  A more secure data link is needed.
  5. The environment is not suitable for the use of copper cabling.

Fibre optical data links have a far higher bandwidth and data capacity than copper and are not affected by Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) or temperature. Once installed correctly, the circuits are extremely robust and relatively maintenance free and need little attention.

There are a wide variety of fibre optical cables available and we can help you choose the correct ones for your installation, and we will test and certify each link ensuring your infrastructure is correct from day 1.

The design of your network is one of the most important considerations you will need to make.

All networks grow, and it does not matter how small they start off, a professional design can save money and ensure that your system runs efficiently and has some scope for future proofing. This is particularly important when choosing a cabinet or rack, cable type, and the location and size of any cabinets or wiring frames.

Our design services are not biased to any product but are compiled in line with the appropriate standards and the clients requirements, therefore offering an independent and objective solution that can be installed by any competent and qualified specialist contractor.

For a number of years now, we have been engaged in providing infrastructures within data centres

This has included:

  • Port Replication Cabling for Fibre and Copper
  • Panel to Panel Fibre and Copper links
  • Overhead Cable Ladder Installation
  • Custom Built Containment Systems
  • Cold Aisle Containment
  • Open Rack and Cabinet Provision and Installation
  • Secure Cages
  • Tape Storage Shelving

Data Centre environments are very different to other locations and much of the work we have done has been out of hours, or on a shift pattern to ensure the services we are working on or near are not disturbed.

We have been very successful in the area and look forward to more projects within this environment, and are able to provide a wide variety of solutions utilising the Panduit/Cisco Partnership and Chatsworth range of products.

All networks require periodic maintenance and sometimes they simply outgrow the
original expectations of the user.

They can become complex places, so if you can keep the connectivity neat and tidy, then you are helping eliminate a potential fault liability, but the practicality of it all is, the cabinets and rack patching fields can get pretty messy and even a small installation can get out of hand (as shown on the right).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so please cast a glance at one or two of the examples shown here  from sites where we have been called in to effect the upgrades and re-patching

If you are having issues with your network and need to eliminate the cabling, then simply contact us and we will test your system and supply you with the results and give you a system appraisal report.

This will help you highlight any problems and give you options for resolving any issues that may have come to light during the testing.

Testing need not be an expensive undertaking and can save hours of lost time fault finding or putting up with poor performance.

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