Patch Management

Patch management

Quite simply put, patch management is the process of ensuring that software on computers and network devices is kept up to date and capable of resisting low-level cyber attacks.

All software can be prone to vulnerabilities. Once they are discovered made made public they can be exploited by cyber criminals, hackers etc. These people can take advantage of unpatched systems to gain access to information that should not be accessible, patch management is crucial to preventing this.

New vulnerabilities are being discovered in software and hardware devices everyday and, once published, pose a considerable risk to any business or individual who is not protected.

As part of our Managed IT Support packages, we continually monitor key vendors patch databases. Once we have the latest updates, then our management software will scan any device it is installed upon and, should it be required, will schedule the installation of the required patches. In the case of business critical systems, such as servers, then we will install such updates in a pre-arranged maintenance window on the system ensuring that there is minimal impact to business.

Where now?

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Patch Management Lifecycle