Asset Management

Small business spend an average of £2,223 per employee* on IT equipment. In order to get the best out of that investment that same equipment needs to be managed to ensure that, when the time comes, it is replaced.

Asset management

To ensure that you get the best from your IT investment that you need to understand what equipment you have and how old it it. Once you have all of this information then you are able to plan your IT spend in future.

Equipment management

All of the devices that we manage for your are fully documented on our support platform which details everything from software versions through to hardware inventory. This means that at any time we are able to run a report of what assets are within the business along with current age.

Software licenses

That same software runs an audit of installed software on managed devices each week and compiles that information into a database. This allows us to see exactly what software is being run on the network at any given time so that you are able to have complete visibility at any point in time. This can then be output as a report and sent directly to you.

* Source Spiceworks

Where now?

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Asset Lifecycle