IT Support Helpdesk

The heart of any great business can only thrive when the support it needs is available, we keep the heart of your IT systems beating.

Right tools

We invest heavily in providing our technicians with the best tools so they can give you the best possible IT support. From the use of out award winning support and ticketing system through to comprehensive endpoint monitoring system. These tools combine to provide a comprehensive support suite that means that our technicians are able to see a complete history of any device, site or account at any time. This in turn means they have all information available and ready to work on your issue.

Right people

It has long since been our belief that IT is not about the technology, it’s about the people. This is why we work hard to get the right people, with a customer focused mindset, that will not only be able to provide the IT support that’s required but will be able to communicate clearly with you. Our people only use “plain speak” and do not believe in “techno babble” which is common in the industry. Their training is provided with a combination of classroom accreditation and on-the-job working with an experienced IT professional. We find this combination means that we get the foundation knowledge provided from structured courses but also real life application of this knowledge. This means that you get a friendly technical advice from someone with hands on technical experience who doesn’t need a script to work from.

Waiting for you

We believe in working when your business works which is why our support desk is available from 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday*. The next time you have a problem give us a try on the direct support number 0115 896 0754

* Excludes bank holidays

Where now?

If you are interested in our outsourced helpdesk then contact us today or call 0115 710 0124 and speak to a member of the team