Cloud Services

Into The Cloud

Your business needs to work fast; your business needs to respond fast; your business needs to work whenever and where ever you want it to. Traditional IT infrastructure does not lend itself well to this modern style of working due to structural limitations and high cost of implementation. Thankfully there is a cost effective alternative using cloud based services.

Flexible Computing

Traditional IT structure requires the purchase of additional licensing when new users are being introduced to a business system. This typically means large up front costs which can be substantial, especially if they are seasonal workers. Cloud computing allows you to change your requirements from month-to-month, only ever paying for what you use.

Technology Without The Technical

Quite simply put, cloud computing is the process of taking conventional IT systems and having them run in a remote data centre and paying for them as you would any other utility. This system is accessed via the Internet rather than a traditional network using a server with a hard disk.