About us

About JPT Solutions

JPT was founded in August 2003, by Rob Franklin, with a vision of providing great IT support services to the local small business community. Having¬†previously worked in a large IT service business, he could see the value of great IT support but was often too costly for smaller business. Since then the client base has grown and now includes a number of large PLC’s while still keeping to the core values of providing the same IT services to small business.


  • Honesty in the way we work with our clients
  • Clear communication in all aspects of working with us
  • Mutual respect for your needs and the needs of your business
  • Focused on delivering real value in everything that we do
  • Working professionally in every aspect of our partnership with our clients
  • We listen to your needs and respond with the right solution

What we do

JPT Solutions is committed to providing the latest, proven technologies, which will enhance your day to day operations providing you with the tools and the time to be more cost efficient. We manage your IT infrastructure efficiently so that your business runs more effectively. The solutions and support you receive will allow you to concentrate on what you love doing by taking away the challenge of running your IT

The final word

We’ll let our chief, Rob, have the final word:

We provide IT services that deliver real value to a business. With over 26 years experience of working with IT systems we have created a support package that delivers real value to any business. Through a refined process of continual improvement, we have created a support package that will support all your business technology needs today and all of your tomorrows.

From desktop management to inclusive anti-virus to regular data restoration, we have your back so you can do what you do best.

With a friendly, local personal service you won’t find yourself speaking with technical support agents in a call centre; you will be speaking with someone who knows your system, knows your business and most importantly knows you!

With Flat-fee billing we make budgeting your IT spend simple and easy to control with no hasty hidden charges – what you pay is what you pay.

When it’s time for projects to be done we will always quote for work, we do not estimate. Once again, we fix your costs because nobody likes hidden costs – I don’t so why would you!

I have been in IT since 1993 and have seen a great deal of change in technology and the way businesses and consumers use it in their daily life. Only time will tell what the future of technology will hold for us but you can be assured that we will be here for you!